3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Nitro Coffee Keg

Monday, 25 November 2019 11:13

Every aspect of your business influences your overall success. From the branding on your business cards to the seating of your reception area, your success is impacted by many factors. Even your available office coffee options influence your business success as well. A glass coffee pot works just fine, but it would pay off to expand your coffee offerings. You stand to gain a lot of benefits simply by diversifying your coffee options. With a nitro coffee keg, you can drastically improve your business on multiple fronts. Here’s exactly why your office needs this tiny keg.

Improve Your Workplace Appeal

In the coffee industry, nothing has taken off quite like nitro cold brew coffee (NCB). It’s been a rising trend over the past few years and everybody wants to get in on it. Starbucks, for instance, took a chance and tested it out in 2016. Today, practically every US Starbucks location has a nitro coffee keg ready for dispensing. Nitro cold brew has paid off well for Starbucks, so why can’t your business capitalize upon this trend too?

A nitro coffee keg can have a significant impact on your office. Most notably, you’ll see drastic improvements to your company culture. People love nitro cold brew, so naturally they’ll love working at a place that serves NCB for free. This simple workplace addition will help your business:

  • Attract talented workers and valuable new hires.

  • Retain more employees for longer stretches of time.

  • Impress potential clients when they visit your office.

While it’s a super popular trend today, it’s worth nothing that NCB isn’t for everyone. Some employees would rather have access to other types of coffee beverages. Your traditional glass coffee pot won’t be able to create other delicious coffee recipes. There are a number of other high-quality coffee brewers that your office could benefit from. At redcup, we can readily provide those excellent coffee brewing systems for your office. From Keurig single cup systems to thermal server brewers, we can supply brewing systems for every kind of coffee lover.

Keep Your Office Operating At 110%

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A successful business needs a productive office. Nothing stimulates productivity quite like caffeine. This widely consumed stimulant increases mental focus, reduces fatigue, and it can even boost your mood. You can effectively caffeinate everyone in the office with a nitro coffee keg.

Nitro cold brew coffee actually contains a higher caffeine content than regular coffee. Each batch of nitro coffee is made by using a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water than with regular coffee. This higher initial coffee content is what produces the higher caffeine levels.

Thanks to the extra caffeine, your employees will be far more productive and attentive to their work. To top it off, a nitro coffee keg will help eliminate those mid-afternoon Starbucks trips. You’re supplying NCB in house, so your staff members have less reason to seek NCB elsewhere. With less coffee runs and more caffeine, you’ll have a more efficient and productive office.

A Savory Taste With Hidden Health Benefits

People love nitro cold brew coffee mainly because of the delicious taste. The science behind nitro coffee helps explain why the beverage is so popular. As the name implies, nitrogen gas is the main driver behind the taste of NCB. The nitrogen gas naturally preserves the robust coffee flavor in the keg’s contained environment. As it’s dispensed from the nitro coffee keg, the nitrogen gas becomes infused with the coffee. This infusion creates a creamy flavor that is both silky and frothy. The foamy texture results in a sweeter taste, that’s a sure fire hit for your taste buds!

Nitro coffee tastes good and, as it turns, it’s good for you too! By comparison to regular coffee, nitro cold brew has:

  • A low calorie count - Most NCB coffees are 10 calories or less!

  • A high supply of antioxidants - Coffee is naturally high in antioxidants. However, those antioxidant properties decline in the presence of heat and air. The nitro coffee keg creates a cold air-free environment, which preserves the high antioxidant content.

  • And a low acidic content - A lower acidity means that the coffee will be easier on your digestive system.

Thanks to the naturally sweet taste of NCB, you don’t need to extra additives to improve the flavor. Sugar and creamer can often negate the numerous health benefits that coffee provides. With less additives, you stand to gain the other health benefits of coffee with NCB too! These could include:

  • Lower risk of heart disease

  • Healthy weight loss support

  • Prevention of cavities and tooth decay

  • And much more!

Healthier staff members will almost always result in a more productive office.

Improve Your Office With A Nitro Coffee Keg

Are you ready to maximize the potential of your business? Then it's time to add on another perk for your employees. You can get the most out of your team when you upgrade your coffee brewing systems with nitro cold brew.

Contact redcup today to improve your office with a nitro coffee keg.