Office Water Service - Denver, CO

Providing access to crisp, fresh office water can mean the difference between healthy employees and unproductive ones. We can bring great-tasting, clean water to your office using advanced filtration technologies that keep it fresh and microbe-free. We use bottle-less, eco-friendly delivery systems that protect the environment and save you from lugging around those huge five-gallon jugs of water.

Office Hot and Cold Water

Cold & Hot Water

There’s nothing like having great-tasting hot and cold water readily available in the office. It keeps employees well hydrated and focused. Redcup has partnered with Waterlogic to provide the best hot and cold water system available. Waterlogic’s advanced technology brings you a multi-stage filtration and ultraviolet light sanitization system that reduces bacterial growth and prevents potential biofilm buildup.

Healthy Office Water

Healthier, Eco-Friendly Drinking Water

You know those five-gallon jugs that sit around the office until you’re ready to use them? The water in them sits collecting microbes until you drink it. Our service provides healthier drinking water with our Waterlogic water machines. These coolers have been shown to reduce your carbon footprint by 72% compared to bottled water coolers. Not to mention, bottle-less water coolers reduce the plastic bottle contribution to landfills. We also change the filters in the coolers periodically throughout the year, so you always have clean, fresh drinking water in the office.

Sparkling Office Water

Sparkling Water

The coolest new thing in office water is sparkling water. We can provide unlimited sparkling water without bottles. Try it with fresh fruit for an unexpected and refreshing office drink. (We can deliver the fresh fruit too!)

Office Sparkling Water Syrups

Sparkling Water Syrups

You can add flavors and sweetness to your sparkling water with our syrups. We offer Monin syrups, which are premium-flavored syrups from a 105-year-old French company. You can liven up your sparkling waters with a variety of flavors from watermelon to mango to honey to vanilla. Ask for a sparkling water taste test, and we’ll bring a variety of syrups to your office for you to try.

Office Ice Service

Ice Service

With ice systems from Iguassu, Follett Series, and Ice-O-Matic, Redcup ensures your office ice is crystal clean and always available. Ice machines come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and we regularly maintain the filters and dispensing systems to keep them in optimal working condition.

Contact us for a quote on bringing water, ice, sparkling water, or a syrup bar to your office. We’ll be happy to customize a plan for you.