Redcup Office Beverage Services - Denver, CO

We know coffee. We know workplace coffee. And there is a difference in coffee services. You can plug in a coffee maker and get some coffee at the grocery store, or you can create an office hub where employees enjoy taking a break to get a great cup of coffee. Or tea. Or sparkling water.

Because without the people who make your business happen, your office is just a bunch of walls, some desks, and computers. Keeping those folks engaged and productive is the real heart of your business, and your beverage service is a key component to that effort. We know this because we have 16 years of experience in foodservice and office coffee service.

Redcup offers coffee, tea, water, ice, and snack services to bring people together, keep them motivated, hydrated, and focused. The beverage service you offer tells your employees how much you care about their happiness and productivity. Redcup’s beverage services can deliver the message to your employees that they are principal to your success and you want to invest in their wellbeing.

Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service

Whether you are in an auto dealership or ER waiting lounge or Fortune 100 law firm, coffee is a motivator and pick-me-up. It’s the grease that keeps the wheels going. People look forward to the stroll to the coffeemaker for their favorite brew.

Redcup can bring the coffee house experience into your office for a fraction of the price of the corner coffee shop. You’ll save your employees money, and they won’t need to leave the office for a great cup of joe. And you won’t have to manage the coffee supplies. We take care of it weekly or bi-weekly with the delivery of fresh roasted local coffee and supplies. Learn More

Office Tea Service

Office Tea Service

While coffee is the primary office drink, tea drinkers are also connoisseurs of the office beverage break. Don’t relegate your office tea drinkers to Lipton from the grocery store. They’ll notice the lack of interest in their preferences. Instead, give your tea drinkers a great experience they can’t even find at the local coffee shops.

Redcup offers tea from Teatulia, a tea purveyor that that specializes in single-sourced-farm, fully organic, fair trade, high-quality tea. Their tea is head and shoulders above the generic grocery store tea, and it’s made sustainably from farms in India. Learn More

Office Water and Ice Service

Office Water Service

You want clean, great-tasting water in your office—without having to haul those huge water bottles around. Redcup offers cold, hot, and sparkling water through bottle-less eco-friendly water systems that are efficient and look great in the office. You get clean and refreshing water on demand.

Office Ice Service

Our water dispensers offer cold water, but if you need ice as well, Redcup can provide ice makers and dispensers to fit your needs and your space. The ice is made from filtered water, so the ice tastes clean and fresh to enhance your cold beverages. Learn More

Office Snack Delivery

Office Snack Service

Your office runs more efficiently when your employees are fueled and focused. We can include fresh fruit and high-quality snacks with your beverage service. From energy bars to trail mix to popcorn and chips, we have a wide variety of gluten-free, healthy snacks from which to choose. Read More