Denver Office Coffee Service

Office coffee service is the grease that keeps the wheels going in the office. Employees always look forward to grabbing a cup, so make their office coffee break more enjoyable with Redcup Beverage Service.

We offer a variety of coffee service options which include the most advanced brewing equipment and local products. Every service features the freshest roasted, locally-sourced coffee, or premium pre-portioned packs for convenience. With the many options available, we are happy to customize a coffee service program for you. When it comes down to delivering a great cup of coffee, we will come to your office and create a coffee tasting event. The authentic feedback from your staff allows you to decide which products and services best fit your needs.

Roast and Ground

Roast and Ground Coffee Service

Nothing smells quite like fresh roasted coffee brewing. You can enjoy that motivating aroma with this type of coffee delivery system. Roast and ground systems accommodate high volume needs such as restaurants and hotels, but are also suitable for smaller organizations that prefer coffee by the pot, as opposed to single serve. These delivery systems include glass bowls, airpots, thermal servers, and urns.

We utilize the freshest, locally roasted, whole bean or pre-ground coffee for this full-batch type of brewing. Ask us about selecting special types of coffee blends for your office.

Single Cup

Single Cup Coffee Service

Some offices prefer coffee that’s brewed one cup at a time so that individuals can have their favorite flavor on demand. For this type of delivery system, (such as Keurig), we offer either K-cups or biodegradable, compostable pods which are completely eco-friendly. Single cup brewing is quick and convenient however the flavor profiles fall short of the traditional freshly roasted and ground delivery systems.

Bean to Cup

Bean to Cup Coffee Service

In a bean to cup system, you get the freshest locally roasted beans available on demand in a cup-by-cup delivery system. This system offers a variety of drink options at the press of a button and delivered within ninety seconds. There are several styles of the bean-to-cup brewers available, based on your business and number of beverage choices options available. We can customize a bean-to-cup program for your unique situation.


Cold Coffee Keg Services

Cold coffee isn’t just for the warmer weather, it is one of the hottest trends in beverages all year round. We deliver locally-sourced, fresh roasted, and brewed premium cold keg coffees. Cold keg coffee can be served over ice or infused with Nitro for a delicious, creamy, cold beverage.


Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee Service

Nitro cold coffee is one of the hottest, most on-trend, delicious, pick-me-up beverages available. It’s creamy, smooth, and delivers an intense caffeinated boost. Whether you’re looking to start your day or get a lift from that 3 o'clock slump, Nitro cold coffee will make you the hero of your office. A favorite of Millennials, Nitro coffee is customizable with flavored creams and syrups. It’s delivered through a tap system and five-gallon kegs. With this system, the coffee product is ordered weekly and brewed fresh weekly. A twenty-hour brew process makes pre-ordering necessary.

Your employees are leaving the office to find Nitro cold coffee at the local coffee shops, but now you can have the Nitro cold coffee system permanently installed under an office counter, or in any office room via a Nitro cold coffee cart.

Why Get Your Office Coffee Service Through Redcup?

Coffee Taste Tests

We will adapt and customize your beverage service to fit your office and your employees’ flavor preferences. We will arrange blind taste tests in your office at no charge to help you find the coffee and tea flavors everyone likes best. We can do these taste tests at regular intervals so you can change it up and find new flavors to love.

Fresh, Locally-Sourced Coffee

We work with local coffee roasters to bring you the same high-quality coffee your employees are going out to local coffee houses to find. You can provide it in the office and for a fraction of the cost.

Best Coffee Customer Service

We know coffee, and we know how it should taste. We take care of our equipment to be sure it’s clean and working optimally, so your flavors are never compromised. We keep your product stocked with fresh coffees, teas, and beverage consumables, so you never need to worry about your beverage break room again.

Contact us to schedule your office taste test.