The 3 Best Benefits Of Office Coffee Suppliers In Denver

Monday, 23 March 2020 11:05

In America’s workplace culture, coffee reigns supreme. Coffee is the miracle beverage that improves workplace focus and keeps your office running smoothly. If your business lacks a ready supply of coffee, your daily operations can grind to a halt. That’s where office coffee suppliers in Denver can come in handy. When they keep your office stocked with high-quality coffee options, you business reaps some terrific benefits. Let’s discuss some of the most impactful benefits that your office can receive.

Improve Your ROI

As a business owner, you might be thinking, “It’s just coffee. How can coffee make a difference for my return on investment?” It might surprise you to learn that office coffee suppliers can actually have a few indirect, yet significant impacts on your ROI. Those effects can manifest in a handful of ways.

Let’s briefly consider the amount of time that your workforce spends on weekly coffee runs. We’d wager that your employees go out for a caffeine fix a few times every day. Even if a Starbucks is right around the corner, those out-of-the-office minutes add up quickly. Did you know that the average wait time in a Starbucks coffee shop is roughly 4.5 minutes? That wait time only gets worse during peak hours of operation. When you add in the travel time, a typical coffee run might take roughly 15 minutes (on a good day). Multiple that time interval by the number of weekly office coffee runs and you’ll quickly see how many work hours your employees waste. By having coffee already in the office, you regain those lost work hours and improve your daily productivity.

In addition, you should think about how you attract and sign on new clients for your business. When you host client meetings at your office, you want to make the best impression possible. Your furnishings, location, unique differentiators, and other factors feed into every prospective customer’s perception of your business. If you can offer your potential clients a few top-tier coffee options during your meeting, they will be impressed. Who knows, maybe they’ll even feel inclined to sign the contract right then and there!

We also can’t forget to mention how Denver office coffee services can save you money too. From the recouped work hours to the newly signed clients, your office will be firing on all cylinders. You’ll finish projects quicker, you’ll regain billable work hours, and you’ll accomplish your work goals more efficiently. What business owner wouldn’t enjoy those kinds of returns on their investment?

Access To Exceptional Coffee Brands

The days of instant coffee products are a thing of the past! When you leverage the services of office coffee suppliers, your Denver workplace will be stocked with high-quality coffee choices. Your employees will be thrilled to have the chance to try out so many different coffee options.

At redcup, for instance, we can supply your office with a number of local coffee brands that adhere to high quality standards. Each brand has their own unique approach to coffee that will revitalize your employees on a daily basis. From the vintage roasting methods of Novo coffee to the robust flavors from Corvus, we have plenty of options to choose from! We can even stock your office with K-cups, if those are your coffee products of choice.

Your staff members will be able to start their workdays with their choice of high-quality Colorado coffee brands. Who wouldn’t want to try different coffee products on a recurring basis? Those choices present an excellent way to stay motivated, interested, and engaged at work.

Strengthen Your Workforce

The most efficient offices will have highly cohesive work environments with dedicated long-term employees. It’s not always easy to cultivate that kind of workforce. You can get the most out of your employees on a daily basis by leveraging Denver office coffee services.

Caffeinated coffee products can actually help foster a more cohesive work environment. Studies have shown that high-quality coffee beverages can help foster more positive relationships between coworkers. When your employees are happier to work together, your business will only continue to improve.

The benefits of office coffee services don’t stop there. When you stock your office with exceptional coffee options, you can actually improve your employee retention rate. Employees stick around in a company when they enjoy their work, their coworkers, and their employee perks and benefits. If your employees have access to free high-quality coffee throughout the workday, they’ll feel incentivized to stick around for a while.

Did you also know that coffee can help support the health of your employees? It’s true! Coffee has been shown to benefit your health in a multitude of ways. By supplying excellent coffee options for your staff members, you can help them:

  • Reduce their risk of Type 2 Diabetes and cancer

  • Combat depression and improve happiness

  • Detox their bodies

  • Meet their nutritional needs

  • And more

With a healthier and happier workforce, your office will become much stronger and more productive. Once you have those kinds of employees, you’ll be able to achieve greater and better things.

Stock Up With The Best Office Coffee Suppliers In Denver

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