Why You Need a Filtration System for Your Office Water in Denver

Wednesday, 16 March 2022 10:36

Did you know that over 100,000 buildings around the city and county of Denver are part of a lead reduction program? Denver Water has implemented a 15-year plan to replace the interconnected lead pipes that carry Denver’s water. For that reason, it’s important to invest in filtration systems for your office water in Denver.

To learn if your drinking water has been exposed to lead, visit the Denver Water website .

Why is Lead Exposure Bad for You?

Simply put, too much exposure to lead can result in metal poisoning, which can cause brain damage and lowered IQs. Exposure to metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel, and zinc can be harmful to children and adults alike.

For over 30 years, Denver Water has monitored lead levels in consumers’ homes and has made sure that when the water leaves their facilities, it is free from lead. Throughout Denver, the huge, underground pipes directing water are also lead-free, but thousands of smaller pipes that reach different buildings, called service lines, still contain lead. This means that even though the water is safe to drink, there could be lead in your tap water.

To correct this problem, Denver Water has launched a massive program to get rid of the city’s lead pipes. Over the past two years, that organization has sent over 100,000 Britta water pitchers and filters to homes with possible lead service lines. Denver Water has pledged to replace those filters every 6 months until the customer’s line is replaced.

Even with the implementation of this plan, the citizens of Denver are at risk of exposure to lead in their drinking water.

Protect Employee Health with Filtered Office Water in Denver

At redcup Beverage Service, we offer multi-filtration office water systems delivered right to your office. Providing access to crisp, fresh office water can mean the difference between healthy employees and unproductive ones.

Redcup can bring great-tasting, clean water to your office using advanced filtration technologies that keep it fresh and microbe-free. We use bottle-less, eco-friendly delivery systems that protect the environment and save you from lugging around those huge five-gallon jugs of water.

Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Water filtration systems are better than bottled water for several reasons. First off, water filtration technologies are a more cost-effective process. Bottled water relies on plastic which can drive up production costs, but water filtration systems are made out of glass or stainless steel and require fewer materials to create. In addition:

  • Bottled water is a source of pollution because it takes about 300 years for the plastic to degrade.
  • With an eco-friendly filter, you'll do your part to cut down on pollution and save the earth.
  • Water filters help remove dangerous contaminants and protect you from toxic metals so you can maintain your health.
  • Filtration systems can help prevent scale buildup and retain essential minerals.

Upgrade Your Office Water in Denver Today

If you’re ready to switch to a better water filtration system in your office, contact redcup Beverage Service.

We can capably handle all of your beverage service needs. Not only do we provide amazing filtration systems for your office water, but we can also stock your office with high-quality coffee, tea, and kombucha products. If needed, we can even stock your workplace with nutritional snacks too.

Contact us today to get started with your new water filtration system in Denver!