The Secret to Why Colorado Coffee is So Good

Wednesday, 26 October 2022 11:17

We love our coffee here in Colorado. In fact, we're the third most caffeinated state in the U.S. And we don't like to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to our brew. That's because our high altitude has a particular effect on the brew and how it affects us. The higher elevation of Colorado makes our coffee taste better and gives us more of what we want: flavor! Are you curious as to why Colorado coffee creates a unique brew you won't get anywhere else?

We’ve broken down the facts for you. Read on to find out more!

Higher Elevation Leads to Higher Quality Colorado Coffee

Colorado is home to some of the world’s finest coffees. Our coffee suppliers are constantly working to improve their craft by experimenting with new techniques and methods. While beans are sourced globally from areas like Columbia and Ethiopia, roasting coffee in Colorado makes a world of difference to the taste. The same coffee blend will taste much differently when roasted and brewed in another part of the country, and that’s all thanks to the high altitude of our state.

The Secret's in the Roasting

Before you brew a cup of coffee, the beans must first be roasted. The beans go through different stages at different temperatures to transform their flavor and aroma. Roasting is an art form in itself and one slip-up can ruin the beans. When you roast coffee at lower altitudes, you need more heat to unlock coffee's true potential, but that leaves more room for baking or scorching which are both big no-nos. The beans risk drying out or burning when roasted too long or with too much heat.

How High Altitude Affects the Roasting Process

Why does coffee from high elevations mean higher quality? The reason is simple. When you roast coffee at lower elevations, the heat can penetrate through the bean and into the bean itself. This causes the bean to dry out and lose moisture. When this happens, the coffee beans can turn oily and bitter.

Some roasters will be overcautious of this and end up under-roasting instead, leaving a grassy flavor. At higher altitudes (4,000 feet or more), there isn't enough oxygen to cause this problem and coffee brands can be free to roast their beans thoroughly, so they stay moist and flavorful. The result? A richer, fuller-tasting cup of joe.

The cool thin air we have in Colorado also speeds up the roasting process while using less heat, so the flavors come out stronger. The mountains surrounding metro areas of Colorado also mean there is plenty of fresh air flowing to help keep our coffee tasting fresher for longer.

The Best Brews Come from the Highest Altitude

When you pair the wide variety of beans available with the high-altitude roasting process, you have an even fuller range of flavors than other locations can create. This is why our local coffee tastes so good. The combination of high altitude and careful roasting techniques makes our coffee some of the tastiest around. While there's a seemingly endless list of amazing Colorado coffee brands, a few standouts are Novo Coffee, Corvus Coffee Roasters, and Pablo's Coffee.

Redcup Can Stock Your Office with the Finest Colorado Coffee

If you run an office where everyone drinks coffee, then you know how important it is to stock your breakroom with the right kind of coffee. You need something that will make you feel energized without making you jittery. That’s where our coffee service can help.

Redcup Beverage Service offers a wide variety of delicious coffee options including espresso blends and cold brew coffee. We don’t only do coffee, we also have a range of teas, kombuchas and snacks! Contact us to learn more about our office coffee service and the Colorado brands we work with.