How Can Providing Coffee For Employees Move Your Bottom Line?

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 08:53

We already know just how incredible coffee can be for all of us. It hones our focus, has numerous health benefits, and can increase your lifespan. What you may not know is how coffee can benefit your business. Specifically, you can unlock the hidden potential of your business just by providing coffee for employees on a daily basis. Let’s dive into some of the specific ways office coffee can transform your office environment, boost productivity, and save you money.

Providing Coffee for Employees Improves the Company Culture

Nothing indicates a great business quite like the company culture. It’s an important factor for most employees. If you want to see your business succeed, you need to cultivate an outstanding company culture. Office coffee can help with that in a few ways.

Retain Your Employees

Who doesn’t love to receive free stuff? Providing coffee for employees may not be exactly free, but this sweet perk has the power to retain your staff. Think about it: daily perks, like office coffee, send the signal that your staff is appreciated. That appreciation means a happier employee, and a happy employee is far less likely to leave your company.

Every business owner knows just how expensive training new staff members can be. Plus, your office loses working hours when your staff members have to train new employees, which means you lose even more money. It starts to add up quickly. That’s why retention is so important.

Office Coffee Strengthens Work Relationships

Coffee has a unique ability to bring people closer together. It’s historically been a social activity, and still is. In fact, one study from MIT documented how coffee breaks can improve the relationships between coworkers.

Office coffee gives your staff a chance to chat with one another. They can catch up and learn new things about each other, benefiting work dynamics and your office culture.

It Keeps Your Staff Honest

Every office manager wants to cultivate an environment of high ethical standards, honesty, and trust. Coffee can help bring that dream into reality. Clinical research has shown that caffeinated individuals are more likely to stick to their ethical values than tired individuals. So, if you’re looking for ways to support your company’s mission and values, providing coffee for employees is a good start.

Reduce Wasted Time And Improve Productivity

How much time do you think your employees waste on coffee runs to Starbucks every day? It’s difficult to place a number, but let's just assume an employee spends 10 minutes waiting for his coffee at Starbucks. Those intervals add up and, over the course of a year, a single employee could waste over 40 hours! That’s a whole week’s worth of wasted productivity and money.

By providing coffee for employees at the office, you can significantly reduce those hundreds of Starbucks runs and gain back those lost hours of work. In addition, that daily dose of coffee can drastically enhance cognitive performance, increase energy and alertness, and quicken reactions.

What does this all mean? Your staff becomes more productive and wastes less time, benefiting your business. Let’s not forget about the other ways that office coffee can save your business money.

Providing Coffee For Employees Is Easy With redcup

Your business success is entirely dependent on your employees. As the business owner, you are striving to improve your business at every opportunity. Contact redcup and start providing office coffee for your employees today!