The Pros & Cons Of Different Office Coffee Brewing Systems

Thursday, 02 August 2018 12:12

There's nothing better than a nice cup of coffee waiting for you the moment you step into the office. When it comes to providers and office coffee brewing systems, there are a plethora of choices, each with their own unique benefits. With so many options out there, how do you make the right choice for your office coffee brewing system?

Fret not, redcup Beverage Service has you covered.

Office coffee brewing systems fall into one of three categories: roast or ground coffee, single cup, or cold keg. Let's talk about your options for each delicious type of coffee.

Roast & Ground Office Coffee Brewing Systems

These brewing systems are likely the type of coffee brewer you are most familiar with. Roast coffee brewers are ideal for many office settings because of their convenience, versatility, and customizable features.


  • Convenience – Roast coffee is one of the easiest types of coffee to make, as it can be set up and left to do its thing. If your office has employees that are working extended hours in the morning or night, these brewing systems can be put on a timer to start the coffee even before the normal work day begins.

  • Versatility – Roasting office coffee brewing systems can be the perfect fit for any sized office. Whether you have a workforce of 3 employees or 300 employees, a roaster can make the right amount of coffee. These brewing systems come in every size from single pot to multi-gallon thermal servers that stay warm for many hours.

  • Customization – Aside from the ability to choose from one of hundreds of different types of coffee roasts, you also have the ability to customize the water quality, the flavor of coffee, and the strength of the brew, which keeps all of your employees satisfied.


The one downside to roast or ground office coffee brewing systems is the fact that they require a bit of maintenance. You'll have to throw out the grounds after every use and regularly clean the pot and other pieces of the brewer. This means that you'll want to ensure someone in your office is responsible for taking care of your roaster so that mold doesn't become a problem.

Single Cup Office Coffee Brewers

These types of brewing systems are becoming increasingly more popular because in many settings they are so practical. If you have an office of staff that doesn't have the tendency to nurse their coffee all day long or has varied flavor preferences, single cup brewing systems might be the ideal option for you.


  • Reduced Waste – As far as the actual coffee goes, the single cup brewers offer less waste than your roasters because they only make one cup at a time.

  • Variety – Single cup office coffee brewing systems give you the opportunity to provide tons of variety in a cost efficient way. Whether you want dark and light roasts, flavored coffees, teas, or an assortment, this type of brewer can provide that.


While single cup brewers offer reduced waste in the coffee itself, there is an additional waste with the individual cups that are used to brew the cups. Companies that are environmentally conscious might look at using a different brewing system or reusable filters in the single cup brewers.

Bean To Cup Office Coffee Brewing Systems

These single cup brewers are basically a coffee shop that you can plug in. These brewing systems are perfect for an office that hosts clients on a regular basis because you can cater to any preference at the touch of a button, including hot chocolate, lattes, espressos and more.

Cold Keg Office Coffee Brewers

Iced coffee, cold brew, and nitro-brew coffee are dominating the coffee industry right now. With a keg that's built right into your office's water line, it is hard to imagine a more convenient way to drink your morning coffee.


  • Trendy – With cold coffee being all the rage these days, your employees will most certainly be extremely satisfied with cold keg office coffee brewing systems being just steps from their desk.

  • Convenience – With cold keg coffee, there is no waiting for your coffee to brew or the temperature to chill. You can literally get coffee at the pour of a tap.


Cold keg coffee is certainly a commitment, although the installation process is handled entirely by redcup pros, so we wouldn't necessarily consider it a con. It also requires a more lengthy brewing process, so you'll want to set everything up before leaving the office at night so that it's ready to go in the morning.

Office Coffee Brewing Systems That Are Perfect For You

With redcup, you can't go wrong because there is an office coffee brewing system that is perfect for your organization. Whether you're partial to traditional roast coffee or prefer its trendier counterpart in a cold keg, you can satisfy your employees without breaking the bank.

Contact redcup today to schedule a coffee tasting and learn more about the office coffee brewing systems that would fit in to your organization.