5 Reasons to Seek Out an Office Water Service in Denver

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 09:32

Having a steady, ready supply of water at your office is incredibly important. For many offices, the water cooler is a long-standing traditional staple. And although some companies have expanded their offerings to include things like cold brew coffee, tea, or even on-tap kombucha, we whole-heartedly believe office water benefits your employees more than any other beverage. And sure, we might be a little biased on the subject, but the data backs up that belief. If you’re interested in an office water service in Denver, here’s how it can keep your employees happier and healthier.

Benefits of offering water at work

Offering water at work isn’t just a nice perk; it actually has many benefits for your business. Here are the top five reasons to consider leveraging an office water service in Denver.

1. A hydrated employee is a happy employee

According to Healthline, the average adult should drink 64 ounces, or eight 8-ounce glasses, of water each day. And believe it or not, as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated according to Medical Daily. Since Denver is situated at 5,280 feet above sea level, it takes extra effort to prevent dehydration. When you become dehydrated, you may become impacted by a number of negative health effects, one of which is poor mood. So if you want to keep your employees happy, they need to be properly hydrated.

2. Increased workplace performance

To tell you that water plays a part in how well employees work is a gross understatement. Numerous studies have closely linked hydration with increased workplace performance. So if you want your team to work well, they need easily accessible water throughout the workday.

3. Decreased stress levels

From time to time, we all get stressed out. Stress is just a normal part of work (and life, for that matter). But when you’re dehydrated, your blood vessels actually constrict, which leads to a jump in stress levels that would otherwise be preventable. And when stress levels increase among your employees, so do the chances of workplace errors.

4. Improved ability to focus

Your employees spend at least eight hours a day at work, but how much of that time are they actually focused on their tasks? If they haven’t been drinking enough water, your employees are likely only focused for a fraction of the day. That’s because when you’re dehydrated a decrease in blood volume occurs, making it difficult to deliver key nutrients to the brain. Even just half of a glass of water can actually boost concentration levels. So if your staff is underperforming, maybe it’s just because they’re lacking water.

5. Fewer sick days

Water is an incredibly important part of maintaining a healthy immune system. An easy way to encourage healthy habits during the cold and flu season is to offer water at work!

Leverage our office water service in Denver

Staying hydrated is important, but it’s especially so at work. If you’re in search of an office water service in Denver, you’ve come to the right place. At Redcup beverage service, we offer a variety of water options for your office including: cold and hot water, eco-friendly drinking water, sparkling water (and sparkling water syrups), and ice service.

No matter your beverage needs, we’re here to help your business succeed. We create personalized office water service plans based on your organization’s unique needs. Contact us today for a free quote on your office water service