Office Coffee Brewers: What’s Available for Your Office

Monday, 21 August 2017 13:52

The history of coffee dates back to the 10th century, potentially earlier with almost mythical details of its first use. It’s safe to say that coffee has been around for thousands of years, and both how to drink and brew coffee has been, arguably, perfected!

Coffee adds a kick to our step, and has become essential to everyday life for 59 percent of Americans. With benefits like increasing focus, improving your mood and decreasing the risk of diabetes and liver cancer, it would almost be a crime to not offer the best of office coffee brewers for you and your staff.

There are a number of delivery systems available on the market when it comes to office coffee brewers and equipment. What follows is a list of the best options available, broken down by category, with a brief explanation of the options available.

Roast and Ground

For roasted and ground coffee, there are three options which include the traditional glass bowl, the airpot brewer, and the thermal server brewers. These delivery systems are the workhorses of office coffee brewers. Whether you are serving a large number of employees, are you are hosting a company event, these systems are easy to use and have comparably low maintenance needs. The drawback of these systems is that customization happens after the brew by the user who can add creams and flavorings to the cup. If you’re looking for an on-the-spot hot caramel macchiato, read on.

Single Cup

Single cup delivery systems give you more customization options so many people’s tastes can be accommodated. (latte or macchiato anyone?) These delivery systems are also easy to use and maintain and deliver greater efficiency as you only make as many servings as you need. Having your staff’s favorite flavor on demand in the office is a benefit you can offer your employees.

Great systems include Bean to Cup, Fresh Cup Pod Brewer System (and there is a 100% compostable option), and Keurig Single Cup Brewers. These systems cater to the individual, but some have a heavier carbon footprint. If earth-friendly is important to you, be sure to ask us about more eco-friendly options within this category.

Nitro/Cold Brew Coffee

Is your staff leaving the office to find Nitro cold coffee at the local coffee shop? Have a Nitro cold coffee system (Kegerator) installed under the counter or in any office room, and your staff may end up staying overtime instead. You can customize your cold brew coffee drinks with flavored creams/syrups to make them even more delicious. This system requires specialized equipment and greater upkeep than any of the previous systems. But there’s a reason cold brew is all the rage! It tastes great and will make for very happy employees.

Redcup can bring state-of-the-art office coffee brewing to your workplace with a variety of delivery systems. Whether it’s roast and ground, single cup, bean to cup or Nitro cold brew, we have a beverage service to fit every preference. Contact us to schedule a coffee tasting and discuss which type of delivery system would be right for your office.