Office Beverage Service: Saving Your Business Money

Monday, 08 January 2018 09:53

With a new year comes two things: evaluation of your budget and evaluation of your goals. A surprising bit of news for many decision makers is that an office beverage service can help your business on both fronts.

Office beverage services are linked to happier, more productive employees, more billable hours logged inside the office, and much, much more. Keep reading to find out why bringing office beverage services into your business could make 2018 your most successful year yet.

Positive Environment

Whether it is something as simple as fresh, cold water or a more elaborate assortment of caffeinated drinks, office beverage service is a sign to employees that the office leadership places value on the culture of the office. By providing these services to your team, they are able to enjoy the casual, social experiences that build relationships between coworkers right inside the office. Having these experience in a positive, comfortable environment is just as important to the success of a business as regular status meetings or producing high-quality work.

Increase Productivity

According to a Keurig study, 34 percent of employees say they need coffee to get through a work day. Providing your staff with the caffeine that helps them get through their workload gives them the support they need to get the job done in an efficient manner. The convenient and energizing boost of caffeine from office beverage service helps your employees stay focused and alert while warding off midday drowsiness that may slow down progress.

Save Time

It is estimated that employers lose an average of $100 per month per employee who leaves the office for a coffee break. If you don't have beverage service options in your office, your employees are forced to go elsewhere for the water, tea, or coffee that keeps them going throughout the day. You lose billable hours from the time that your employee begins to gather their wallet, sunglasses, office keys and anything else they may need to wander to the close st coffee shop, wait in line, order their drink and make their way back to their desk to settle in again for the day. The expenses of bringing beverage service into your office do not even begin to add up to the money you lose by having employees running in and out of the office at all hours of the work day. You are able to keep your employees in the office, focused on what there are doing – saving them time.

Offers Variety

The beauty of an office beverage service is that it offers the variety of a coffee bar in the convenience of your office space. You can customize what you have brought into your office on a monthly or weekly basis and provide a unique assortment of refreshments for your staff. Offering the luxury of high-end refreshment options will encourage your employees to stay in the office to enjoy their coffee breaks, rather than going out.

Low Maintenance

When you use an office beverage service to provide your refreshments, you get much more for your money than if you just bring in the equipment. Utilizing a service like redcup, you not only get all of your supplies, you also get a maintenance team to keep your equipment functioning at peak performance. This saves you time and allows you to focus your energy on other business tasks.

Enhance Client Experience

Finally, one of the most important benefits of an office beverage service is the upscale ambiance that you are able to provide to your clients when they come to your office space. With office beverage service, you are able to offer the comfortable, intimate experience of a coffee bar with the professional atmosphere of an office space. This gives your staff and your clients the best of both worlds.

Adding office beverage service into your business plan not only saves you money but also creates an upscale experience for your staff and your clients. If you're interested in seeing what options you have for a unique coffee, tea, water, and refreshment service, contact us today.