How a Nitro Coffee Keg Can Benefit Any Office

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 11:02

Getting your daily caffeine fix has never been simpler thanks to innovative beverage solutions, such as the nitro coffee keg. By pulling down on the tap’s lever, you can get a smooth cup of cold brew coffee with the creamy foam on top to really start your morning on the right foot. Having a keg onsite in your workspace can widely improve the office experience.

Today we’ll dive into the ways a kegerator of nitro coffee can greatly benefit your office environment.

What is a Nitro Coffee Keg?

Even if you have self-proclaimed yourself as a “coffee connoisseur,” you still may not have heard of a nitro coffee keg before. While the final result is still a great cup of coffee, nitro coffee undergoes a different process than your espresso machine or french press.

Nitro cold brew is coffee infused with nitrogen and served at high pressure to get a similar effect as with a foamy glass of beer. It can be served straight from the tap or, as is becoming more common, in a can.

The keg is a low-maintenance beverage dispenser that can be easily accessed at any point in the day. For an office environment, it is as simple as grabbing your favorite mug and lowering the tap until you have enough coffee to satisfy your needs.

Why Add Nitrogen to Coffee?

Nitrogen is a gas that forms about 78% of the earth's atmosphere and is used as a valuable resource across a wide range of industries. For food processing, nitrogen has cooling properties that play an important role in packaging and food preservation.

One popular example of how nitrogen can be used with food is nitrogen ice cream. Simply put, nitrogen ice cream is regular ice cream that gets flash-frozen using liquid nitrogen instead of ice. The liquid nitrogen isn’t consumed, as it is only used to freeze the ice cream custard for a unique taste.

Now take nitrogen’s cooling effects and apply it to coffee. Nitro coffee makes for the perfect glass of chilled cold brew without needing to be watered down by ice cubes. Additionally, nitrogen helps keep coffee fresh for much longer because there's no oxygen to cause oxidation when the coffee is kegged. So you can go at least three or four weeks without any appreciable difference in quality ― perfect for an office environment.

Ready to Pour a Glass?

As with regular cold brew, nitro coffee is a much more concentrated beverage than your typical iced coffee. If you usually add milk and sugar to your cup of joe, you may want to give the cold brew a sip before adding in any sweeteners straightaway.

Cold-brew is naturally sweeter than its hot counterpart due to it having 50-70% less acidity. This allows you to enjoy the rich coffee taste without any sugary or high-calorie additives. Nitro coffee is a sweet brew that can be a healthy way for you to get your morning buzz.

Hand Crafted Taps For Nitro Cold Brew In Denver

At Redcup Beverage Service, we can keep your Denver office well-stocked with nitro coffee. We will work with your office or building management to put in a cold-brew tap so that you can enjoy nitrogen-infused coffee right from your desk.

If your employees are constantly leaving the office to grab a cup of joe from the corner shop, a nitro tap may be the answer to increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. Contact Redcup today to schedule a tasting and see how a nitro cold brew keg could transform your office.