4 Must-Have Features in an Office Coffee Service

Wednesday, 19 June 2024 09:58

For many people, coffee is the magical elixir of life that motivates, energizes, and inspires. It's a mainstay of corporate cultures and small offices everywhere, and many businesses will use office coffee service providers to stock their kitchens with coffee essentials. But, how do you find the right provider in Denver for office beverage service?

Lots of factors will influence your hiring decision and there are a lot of things to consider when comparing local providers. We'll help you narrow down your options by diving into the top features to look for in beverage service providers.

What's Included in an Office Beverage Service?

Each service provider will be slightly different from the last, but these companies source and supply businesses with beverages and dispensing equipment. They can stock your office with an array of coffee and tea products, alongside many other beverages like kombucha. In addition, they can provide state-of-the-art equipment for brewing and dispensing beverages.

As you compare local providers, you'll want to pay close attention to their specific service offerings and the types of products that they can supply for your office. But those aren’t the only things to look for in your beverage service provider.

Things You Need for Exceptional Office Coffee Services

By stocking your office with high-quality coffee products and beverages, you will improve the productivity of your workspace, motivate your team, and increase employee retention rates all in one go. However, there are plenty of providers on the market, so how can you select the right one for your needs? These are just a few telltale signs of superior and reputable providers.

1. Variety of Coffee Options

Everyone's coffee preferences have significantly evolved from the standard cup o' joe. Just think about the last time you visited Starbucks and the number of unique coffee products on their menu. Your employees have diverse tastes and it's best to cater to everyone's preferences rather than just a handful. As such, it's best to work with a provider who offers a wide range of products, brewing methods, specialty beverages, and more.

Oftentimes, you can book taste tests with many of Denver's office beverage service providers, which will give you the opportunity to peruse their menu in person. Make sure they offer a variety of coffee beans and blends, decaffeinated options, flavored syrups, creamers, and more. That variety will enhance the overall coffee experience at your workplace.

2. Easy-to-Use and Reliable Coffee Machines

Can your provider stock your workplace with efficient and high-quality coffee makers? How easy will they be to use on a daily basis? Can they be easily cleaned? Do they have customizable settings for strength, cup size, and temperature? Will the machine connect directly to your office water supply?

These are the key questions you'll want to ask each provider before, during, and after the taste test to ensure that your coffee makers will be well-suited for your team. If they only offer traditional glass bowl brewers or machines with confusing interfaces, that provider may not be the best fit for your needs.

3. Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today's business world, and your vendors and partners should reflect your commitment to sustainability and the environment. As such, you'll want to work with an office coffee service provider who shares that commitment by embracing all kinds of eco-friendly practices. Look for a provider that:

  • Offers compostable or recyclable cups to reduce waste
  • Utilizes biodegradable coffee pods that break down more easily after use
  • Provides sustainability-sourced coffee that is Rainforest Alliance-certified
  • Embraces waste reduction programs whenever possible

These practices will not only help reduce your company's carbon footprint, but will also appeal to environmentally-conscious employees and clients.

4. Responsive Customer Service

When your office is out of coffee products and productivity is decreasing fast, you need a provider who will respond to your refill request as soon as possible (preferably on the same day). For that reason, you need to find a reputable office beverage service provider who has excellent customer service skills and truly prioritizes your needs. When you call for a refill order, they should be able to respond quickly to your request and restock your office.

In addition to a fast response time, it's a good idea to look for a provider with flexible service plans. Your office beverage needs are different from your neighbors, so it's wise to find a provider that offers:

  • Customizable packages that are scalable to your consumption patterns
  • Regular deliveries and on-demand orders
  • Proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they arise

Book a Tasting Test with Our Office Coffee Service Provider

At Redcup Beverage Service, we strive to provide our customers with the most customized, world-class office coffee, tea, and water service. We utilize the latest modern dispensing and brewing equipment available, and we pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge and access to exceptional local coffee brands. We'll respond to your requests in a fastidious manner and deliver sustainably sourced products to help your team run like a well-oiled machine.

Contact Redcup Beverage Service today to set up an in-person taste test at your office with our knowledgeable coffee experts.