Denver's Partner In Office Tea Service

Monday, 01 October 2018 09:50

Office coffee service and snack delivery is becoming more and more common in today’s workplace. However, office tea service is a luxury that many offices don’t consider for their employees. Tea can offer a variety of benefits to your employees when it is drunk on a regular basis, from being a natural source of energy to providing immune support. Let’s talk about redcup’s office tea service options, grown in Northern Bangladesh by Denver-based company, Teatulia.

Get To Know Teatulia

As a local, small business, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with other Denver-based organizations. Teatulia offers garden-to-cup tea grown in their very own tea garden, making them the perfect choice to partner with for our office tea service.

In the northern region of Bangladesh, Teatulia created a new, tea-growing regions that sits right at the base of the Himalayas. This is one of the largest certified organic tea gardens in the world and it got that way because Teatulia strives to make their farming practices not only sustainable but also regenerative. Since beginning to grow tea in this location, the land has been transformed from a desert with sparse greenery to a lush and thriving garden that takes over more than 3,000 acres.

This location allows tea connoisseurs around the world to experience the unique flavors of Bangladesh teas.

Why We Use Teatulia For Office Tea Service

Teatulia started their garden in Northern Bangladesh as a social enterprise with an end goal of creating jobs in this remote and impoverished region. Individual and bulk sales, as well as orders for office tea service all support the cooperative, which has played a role in transforming the economic climate of the country.

Teatulia strives to reduce the global footprint they leave on the environment. In our office tea service package, we take advantage of Teatulia’s revolutionary eco-canister, which is designed with recyclable and compostable materials. These eco-canisters replace traditional boxes, thus reducing the overall waste that is produced when the tea is consumed.

Additionally, the tea bags themselves are void of excess packaging, including strings, tags, staples and wrappers. This minimalist packing saved more than 10,000 tons of waste from landfills last year, alone.

The Perfect Tea For Your Office

Our office tea service solutions can be customized for every office space. Teatulia offers black, green, white, and herbal teas that are all home grown and regularly tended to in the Bangladesh garden. Every type of tea has its own production process and offers unique benefits. If you’re not sure which tea you should select for your office tea service, schedule a taste test with redcup today.