Colorado Coffee Brands You HAVE To Try

Thursday, 01 March 2018 16:04

At redcup Beverage Service, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a variety of locally sourced, Colorado coffee brands. One of the best parts about being a Denver-based small business is the ability to help other local small businesses. We carry Novo Coffee, Pablo's Coffee, and Corvus Coffee Roasters, that can be delivered to your office as often as once a week. If you are like us with some serious Colorado pride, these coffee brands are for you.

Get To Know Our Colorado Coffee Brands

Novo Coffee

Novo Coffee is coming up on its 16th anniversary. Founded in 2002 by the Brodsky brothers, the family values run deep with this Colorado coffee brand. Novo shows their commitment to the Denver community through educational coffee tastings and roastery tours that allow the owners and employees to get to know the Novo lovers in the area.

When it comes to Colorado coffee brands, Novo goes all out. They roast their coffee blends in vintage Vittoria machines early in the week and delivering the brews to local restaurants, coffee shops, and natural grocers themselves. In addition to coffee brewed with an immense amount of TLC, Novo offers educational courses that you can sign up for all week long. From the public tasting every Friday to an introductory coffee brewing class all the way to a milk steaming and drink building class, you can add some serious flavor to your mornings with Novo.

Pablo's Coffee

Pablo's Coffee has been serving up hot (and iced) brews for more than two decades out of two locations in the heart of Denver. Boasting the best green coffee from around the world, Pablo's provides not only an unbeatable experience but also unparalleled flavor.

Founded in 1995 by Craig Conner, Pablo's is an institution as far as Colorado coffee brands go. Conner says that he does not want customers to come into the coffee shop and have a cookie-cutter experience. Pablo's allows patrons to become immersed in the community and culture with a rare, internet-free policy. The lack of wi-fi facilitates meaningful conversations and lasting memories.

Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus Coffee Roasters is one of our Colorado coffee brands that actually spends the majority of their time outside of Colorado. Spending months at a time in Africa and Latin America to forge relationships with the coffee farmers there and developing a deep understanding of the process, Corvus Coffee Roasters is a leading provider of single origin coffees from around the world.

Coming up on their 10 year anniversary, Corvus Coffee Roasters shook up the Denver coffee scene with their crop-to-cup model. They provide high visibility to their entire process from the hand-picking of the coffee to the search for more hardworking coffee farmers. Corvus Coffee can be enjoyed in the shop, through a subscription services that brings their specialty roasts right to your door, or at the office with redcup Beverage Service.

More Than Just Colorado Coffee Brands

At redcup, we strive to provide a robust profile of office beverage and snack services that our clients love. From ice and water service to healthy, high-protein snacks, we offer anything you might need to support a positive office environment.

If you're interested in bringing any of these freshly-roasted, Colorado coffee brands into your office as often as every week, contact redcup Beverage Service to schedule a taste test.