Coffee Trends That Aren’t Going Away

Friday, 01 September 2017 15:44

1. Coffee Trends: The Right Water

Baristas have long known, and now the average coffee drinker is getting hip to the fact that your coffee is only as good as the water in which you brew it. Dashwood and Hendon’s book, Water for Coffee "explores the chemistry of water and the effect it has on coffee.“ It instructs the coffee purist on how water affects the taste of coffee, so you can better control the taste of your brew. Redcup can bring the freshest, cleanest water to your office so you always get the perfect flavor profile for your coffee and tea.

2. Coffee Trends: Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee remains the strongest coffee trend in the market. It’s a sweeter, less acidic blend of coffee that requires about twice the amount of beans to make. Made at room temperature with cold water, the drink is served from a brew tap, which has made it easy for bars to capitalize on the trend as well. Mintel reports that the cold brew coffee segment grew 580% between 2011 and 2016, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. As coffee trends go, cold brew is hot. Redcup can bring a cold brew coffee tap to your office for a premier office coffee experience.

3. Coffee Trends: Savory Pairings

The bitter taste of coffee has always paired well with sweets—cookies, cakes, pies, biscuits—the sweeter the treat, the more engaging the pair to your palette. However, with the sweeter coffee like cold brew, suddenly pairing coffee with more bitter flavors is the rage.

4. Coffee Trends: Signature Coffee Drinks

Your barista may know your usual coffee order, but the hotter coffee trend is original, barista-inspired signature drinks. These drinks take a little longer to make but are worth the wait. By leveraging the creativity and coffee expertise of the barista making them, the signature coffee drink is creating coffee-hour groupies. How great would it be if your office had a signature coffee drink? Redcup can create a signature coffee drink for your office and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand for employees to make it themselves.

5. Coffee Trends: Espresso Tonics

Mixing espresso with a shot of tonic water is one of the lesser known coffee trends. Admittedly, it’s not as hot as the cold brew, but it’s made our list because it’s growing in popularity. In fact, if you search Instagram for the hashtag #esspressotonic, thousands of posts come up. Who knew?

We did.

If you are not faint of heart, we can bring tonic and an espresso machine to your office. Who knows. Maybe your espresso tonics will be your new office rage.

Want to get creative with your office coffee service. contact Redcup and schedule a coffee and tea tasting in your office today.