Choose the Right Equipment for Your In-Office Coffee Service

Monday, 08 August 2022 13:02

Coffee is commonplace in every office setting and that great cup of java wouldn't be possible without the right brewer from an in-office coffee service in Denver. There are plenty of options out there from a traditional glass bowl to single cup brewing systems, and each one delivers a unique taste. But which piece of coffee equipment is going to meet your requirements?

We’ve rounded up a few of the top options for your office brewing system. These brewers are exactly what you need to keep the coffee flowing in your breakroom.

Available Equipment Options for an In-Office Coffee Service in Denver

Roast and Ground Coffee Equipment

When most people think of making coffee, this tried-and-true method comes to mind. Equipment for roasted and ground coffee products have a great reputation for serving offices with fresh, delicious coffee.

Traditional Glass Bowl

Traditional glass bowl brewers are a long-standing staple of diners and office settings, for good reason. They supply a great deal of coffee for a communal setting. With a traditional glass bowl, there'll be plenty of coffee to go around for your employees.

Airpot Brewer

When you're looking to caffeinate a large group of people, you can't go wrong with an airpot brewer. You simply add freshly ground coffee directly into the system and your ready-to-go with a two to three-liter pitcher that stays hot for hours. There's also access to instant hot water to make tea with these brewing systems.

Thermal Server Brewers

If you like the make-and-take concept of an airpot brewer, but want to adjust the size, thermal server brewers are the perfect option for your in-office coffee service in Denver. The wide variety of sizes range from one-liter to several gallons.

Single Cup

Do you have some picky drinkers you need to caffeinate? Then a single cup brewer is the way to go. Since everyone takes their coffee differently, an in-office coffee service can set up equipment that brews a single cup to the maker's liking. On top of that, there are different options to further tailor each cup to the individual.

Revolutionary Single Cup Roast & Ground Brewers

Please even the most refined drinker with this brewing set-up. Each cup of coffee is completely customizable and brewed from freshly ground and roasted coffee products.

Keurig Single Cup Brewers

Keurig is a trusted name in the coffee service industry for its ability to brew cup after cup of delectable coffee that will have every person in your office feeling awake and ready to work hard. The varying sizes and product delivery options seamlessly integrate into any workspace.

Fresh Cup Pod Brewer System

Single-cup coffee brewing equipment lets you please everyone in your office, but all those pods add up in the trash. Give your coffee lovers the taste they want without the environmental impact with a 100% compostable fresh cup brewer system. It's an eco-friendly option that provides a single cup without much waste.

Bean to Cup

Feel like you have your own private barista when you have your in-office coffee service add bean to cup equipment to your space! You just need to ground the beans immediately before brewing to unlock the freshest taste possible for up to thirteen different drinks, including hot chocolate, espresso, lattes, and more.

Kegerator (Nitro)

Take your breakroom to the next level with a kegerator dispensing nitro cold brew. Nitro cold brew has a taste and caffeine content you won't get in anywhere else. And with different flavored creams to choose from, everyone in your office will be drinking well.

Get Brewing with an In-Office Coffee Service in Denver

Coffee machines are not a one size fits all kind of equipment, but Redcup Beverage Service can match state-of-the-art equipment to your office needs along with delicious snack options.

Contact us today, and our coffee expert will make sure you have the right equipment to create exceptional quality drinks in your office.