Can Office Snack Delivery Really Improve Productivity?

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 17:57

When your employees are jonesing for a small snack at work, where do they usually go? Probably the vending machine or perhaps the office pantry; maybe they visit the corner store across the street. Unfortunately, these solutions often put your employees in a bit of a catch-22: will they opt for the inexpensive, less healthy decision or will they fork over $4 or $5 for an overpriced piece of fruit or packaged healthy snack? Unhealthy snack choices can lead to poor performance. If you’re concerned about the well-being of your staff or the quality of the available food, office snack delivery could be exactly what your organization has been missing.

The Hidden Benefits of Office Snack Delivery

For many businesses, office snack delivery may seem like an unnecessary perk. However, having healthy snack options delivered to your workplace can be a cost-effective solution that is beneficial to both business owners and employees.

1) Improved Productivity

Whether it’s directly or indirectly, obesity and other health-related afflictions can have rippling impacts on the productivity of an office. Every employee has experienced an afternoon slump or two: they begin to feel sluggish or sleepy, have trouble concentrating, or even get debilitating headaches that prevent them from focusing on their work. Most folks will just reach for another cup of coffee, but that will only make the symptoms worse later. In addition, those unproductive hours can add up and negatively affect your business.

That afternoon lapse in productivity is often due to dehydration, skipped meals, too many carbs, and/or too much sugar. The answer to this productivity issue is simple: access to water and healthy snacks. But, what office snacks can improve productivity? Here are just a few available options through our office snack delivery:

  • Planters Trail Mix - The nuts, fruits, and seeds in these mixes are full of heart-healthy fats, along with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids which have both been found to improve overall productivity levels.

  • Welch’s Fruit Snacks - These yummy chewables offer a good dose of fruit and vitamins C, A, and E, which all help with cognitive function and productivity.

2) Healthier Options

Think about the office vending machine: what kinds of snacks are available? Fatty fried chips, sugary candy choices, and calorie-packed sweet snacks, like poptarts or fruit pies. There’s no doubt they’re tasty options, but those snacks can be detrimental to your overall health. Too many sugary snacks, like a 3 Musketeers bar, can increase your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

But, you can avoid that risk by opting for healthier, yet still tasty, snack options, from an office snack delivery service. Many of the snacks offered by redcup include nutritional benefits while also being a delicious alternative to traditional vending machine snacks, including:

  • Clif Energy Bars - Made from sustainable, organic ingredients, these bars are packed with great nutritional value and limited added sugars.

  • FlapJacked Mighty Muffins - With just 240 calories, these quick snacks have tons of protein, probiotics, and fiber, fully cooked in just under a minute.

With office snack delivery, staying healthy doesn’t have to be an everyday struggle. There’s a multitude of additional ways you can improve your health every day in the office.

3) Convenient, Fast, & Reliable

Handling snacks in-house can be a large waste of time, money, and energy. But, when you use an office snack delivery service, like redcup Beverage Service, your employees can keep working at the office while our staff delivers healthy, cost-effective snacks to your office in the right quantities at the right time. This way you can conveniently stock your office pantry without ever having to fight the grocery store chaos!

4) Flexible to Diet Restrictions

Vending machines may have a good selection, but that doesn’t mean everyone can enjoy the snacks. All of our office snack delivery options can fit a wide variety of dietary needs, so no employee is left to fend for themselves. Whether you have gluten-free staff or vegan employees, we can fill your office pantry with healthy snacks that anyone can eat.

Boost Productivity With Office Snack Delivery

You have the power to improve the productivity of your office, and the happiness and health of your employees today. If you’re interested in office snack delivery at your workplace, contact redcup today to schedule a taste testing!