Why Your Business Needs Office Water Service In Denver

Monday, 30 September 2019 11:06

In today’s world, you simply cannot undervalue water. This essential element is one of the most vital natural resources in the world. Without it, we struggle to stay focused, we have difficulty with basic body functions, and we don’t feel 100%. Most business owners are surprised at how much their water quality can influence their business success. Your business could stand to benefit a lot from an office water service in Denver. Let’s examine a few of the ways that this service gives your office an upper-hand.

Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your Office

The looming threat of climate change has changed the B2C market in recent years. Today, consumers are more interested in sustainability and are more likely to support a business that is environmentally friendly. In fact, 88% of consumers want brands to help them live more sustainably. This shift in consumer behavior means that your business should focus more on sustainability initiatives. An office water service in Denver offers the perfect support for those kinds of initiatives.

When you use an eco-friendly water cooler, like a Waterlogic dispenser, you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 72%! How is an impact like that possible? Basically, this water cooler eliminates the costs of transporting, storing, and disposing of plastic water bottles. So, there are less fuel emissions from transportation and storage, and less plastic water bottles (large and small) end up in landfills! When you use more water, you lower the carbon footprint of your office even more by comparison.

At the end of the day, your business is giving something back to the environment. This sustainability initiative also gives your business something good to brag about. We’re positive that your customers will notice your efforts. That’s just one way an office water service in Denver can benefit your business.

Keep Your Employees Healthy

Everyone knows why you shouldn’t drink stillwater: It’s a breeding ground for disease. You can’t say the same thing about those 5-gallon jugs of water for the office. But still, the water in those jugs can sit around undisturbed for days at a time. This gives the germs and microbes in the water jug plenty of time build up. Whether you realize it or not, those water jugs could be negatively impacting your health.

You can remove the possibility of this health impact with an office water service in Denver. Our offered water dispensers provide fresh drinking water on demand. That water isn’t sitting idly for days at a time. Rather, the water that’s dispensed is fresh, clean, and healthy. In addition, we change the filters periodically throughout the year, so that you can rest assured that your office receives clean drinking water every day.

Save Water

Roughly 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. But, it’s estimated that only 1% of all the water on earth is freshwater. The remaining 99% is salt water, which is undrinkable for humans. It should come as no surprise that the earth is currently experiencing a water crisis. Right now, over 844 million people are living without access to safe drinking water. It’s an international crisis with no end in sight at this time. Every drop of water counts and your business can do its part by utilizing an office water service in Denver.

Water used in office buildings accounts for approximately 9% of total water use in commercial and institutional facilities across the U.S. (EPA). And one study found that the average amount of water used in any office building is roughly 32 liters per employee per day. This estimate includes basic bathroom and kitchen needs, with just a sliver devoted to drinking water. When you use a more efficient water dispenser, you can start to chip away at the amount of water wasted everyday by your staff. Even if it’s just a little bit, saving a liter or two every month can make a big difference.

Improve Office Productivity

If you want to see your business succeed, you need your employees to be productive. Is anyone surprised at the fact that hydration is directly tied to productivity? It’s true! When you are properly hydrated, you’re more focused, alert, and ready-to-go. In some cases, water can actually combat fatigue better than coffee! It all makes sense when you consider that each one of us is roughly ⅔ water.

You may think that a water fountain down the hall might be good enough for your staff. But, those hourly trips to the fountain only result in lost work time that could be better spent. An office water service in Denver lets you provide on-demand cold water for your staff just a few feet from their desks. So, they can stay happily hydrated while they continue to benefit your business.

Start Improving Your Business Today With Office Water Service In Denver

Your business may already be doing some excellent work and you may already have sustainable practices in line. Still, your business could be doing better. A high-quality office water service in Denver can support the success of your business in a number of beneficial ways.

If you’re ready to realize these benefits for your business, contact redcup Beverage Service today and start working with the leading provider of office water service in Denver.