How to Find the Best Office Coffee Maker for Your Business

Thursday, 25 February 2021 22:00

Coffee makers are a staple for just about every office. There's nothing quite like starting your day with a good cup of joe. And studies suggest offering coffee at work can actually increase employee satisfaction and efficiency. If you're in need of a new office coffee maker, you've come to the right place. There are a lot of factors you'll want to consider as you conduct your search and compare different makers. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a fancy cold-brew machine, we're breaking down everything you need to know to find the best coffee maker for your business.

Consider coffee products

First, you'll want to decide which type of coffee you want to offer in your workplace. Typically, office coffee providers will offer the following types of coffee products:

  • Roast and ground coffee - These are great options for businesses with high volume needs or offices that prefer classic coffee by the pot. And trust us when we say there's nothing that compares to the smell of freshly roasted coffee brewing. With this type of coffee service, you'll receive glass bowls, air-pots, urns, and thermal servers.
  • Single-cup coffee - If you prefer coffee that's brewed one cup at a time, a single-cup coffee maker is the right option for you! This way, your employees can make their favorite flavor easily and on-demand. And while single-cup coffee can sometimes get a bad rep, just know that there are biodegradable, compostable K-cups that are environmentally-friendly.
  • Bean to cup coffee - If you want fresh coffee with every cup, this delivery system offers a number of drink options at the touch of a button.
  • Nitro cold brew coffee - Nitro cold brew coffee kegs are one of the newest and trendiest office beverage products. With options for flavored creams and syrups, cold brew coffee is great first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Iced coffee kegs - Iced coffee is becoming so popular that it's no longer just a summer or springtime drink. In fact, many people prefer it year-round!

Equipment and machinery that makes great-tasting coffee

There are hundreds of coffee delivery machines and equipment available on the market these days. Once you've determined which type(s) of coffee you want to offer at work, it's time to start narrowing down which type of office coffee maker is best for your business.

Ground coffee makers

  • Glass bowls - Perhaps the most traditional way to make coffee, this is a great option if you want to offer roasted and ground coffee.
  • Air-pot brewers - These are great options if you want to quickly supply large quantities of coffee. They can also be used to provide hot water for tea. This type of brewer also uses freshly roasted and ground coffee and can go directly from the brewer to the conference room table.
  • Thermal servers - Thermal servers are another option that allow you to brew directly into the server and then transport to a serving station. They come in a wider variety of sizes than air-pot brewers.

Single-cup coffee makers

  • Keurig - Great for smaller offices, Keurig coffee machines let your employees brew a cup of coffee the way they like it. With compostable options, you can still offer single-cup coffee without contaminating the environment.
  • Bean-to-cup coffee makers - These types of coffee makers can create barista-worthy beverages right in your office. Bean-to-cup machines will grind the beans as you use them so that you get a fresh cup of coffee every time.

Nitro and cold brew coffee makers

  • Kegerator - Kegerators are similar to beer taps, but serve cold brew coffee instead! A relatively new coffee trend, cold brew coffee is quickly becoming the drink of choice for coffee lovers both young and old.

Work with Redcup to determine which type of office coffee maker is right for you

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