Benefits of Office Coffee Services

Posted Date: Wednesday, 07 June 2017 09:26

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report, the number of Americans drinking coffee every day increased from 57% in 2016 to 62% this year. Chances are, your employees are among the 62% who rely on their daily cup of joe. Here are some reasons why having an office coffee service is beneficial to your workplace.

Office coffee service increases productivity.

It’s no surprise that coffee makes any sleepy morning a little bit better. Providing employees with coffee in the office stimulates the brain, improving alertness, focus, and productivity levels. The key to increasing productivity levels depends on consuming the right amount, according to Stephen Braun, medical writer and author of Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine. One to two and a half cups of coffee are usually the perfect amount to jump-start your day without feeling too jittery.

Hot drinks makes employees feel valued.

Studies have shown that providing employees with coffee not only increased their productivity, but it also positively affects their morale in the office. According to a 2008 McKinsey & Company study, 61% of employees feel as if their employer cares about their happiness and well-being if they are provided with hot beverages. In the same study, 85% of employees stated that quality coffee in the office increases productivity and improves morale. And 79% of employees questioned in a 2004 Harris Poll said they are more productive if they are provided with coffee or tea.

Office coffee service encourages productivity

Research shows that employees feel valued and productivity levels are greatly increased when quality and delicious coffee and hot beverages are provided in the office. If you’re looking for a happy and productive workforce, you might want to consider an office coffee service. Contact us to schedule an in-office coffee and tea tasting today.