7 Ways to Help Employees Hydrate with Office Water in Denver

Friday, 24 February 2023 10:16

Ask most companies, and they'll tell you that hydrated employees are better for business. When your employees are dehydrated, they are more likely to struggle throughout the day since poor hydration can lead to lower cognitive function, reduced productivity, and more. However, there are some easy ways that you can encourage your employees to drink enough water, especially when you hire a professional to handle your office water in Denver.

How You Can Use Office Water in Denver to Empower Your Employees

To ensure that your employees stay hydrated in the office, providing access to clean, crisp, and cool water is essential. Here are some ways to help employees hydrate at the office.

1. Make Sure the Water Flows

First off, access to safe drinking water in the office is essential for employee health and productivity. Even though every employer is required to provide drinking water, there's a big difference between what you get from the faucet and clean, filtered water. Filtered water removes unpleasant tastes and smells, in addition to harmful pollutants such as lead and other heavy metals. This allows for a better and safer drinking experience — one that your employees will appreciate.

2. Offer Sparkling Water

Even though every office should have basic water options readily available, that doesn't mean all water has to be boring. Sparkling water has become increasingly popular over the years, and you could be missing out by not offering it. Sparkling water has the same productivity-powering benefits as regular water, only it provides a twist on your normal H2O. Consider offering sparkling water in the office to give your employees a refreshing alternative to regular water.

3. Take it Even Further with Syrups

Syrups and flavoring packets are a great way to add flavor and variety to your office’s water. At Redcup, we stock Monin syrups which come in a wide range of flavors, from classic favorites like lemon and lime to more unique options like elderflower and hibiscus. Adding syrups to sparkling or still water can make it more enjoyable for employees, encouraging them to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Encourage Them to Grab a Glass with a Snack

We all sometimes forget to drink water throughout the day. But, pairing it with a tasty treat is a great way to encourage your employees to stay hydrated. Place your water cooler next to your snacks in the breakroom and watch how many people will fill up a glass after picking out a snack. Top office water services, like those at Redcup, will be able to provide both quality water and snacks for your breakroom.

5. Remind Employees They Can be Eco-Friendly

It's easy to fill up the office fridge with bottled water, but it's not environmentally conscious or efficient. Instead, installing a water filtration system can clear up space and eliminate all those wasteful plastic bottles, not to mention saving you lots of money! This will help your staff contribute to a greener office and give them a sense of pride.

6. Don't Forget the Ice

Ice is an essential part of your office water in Denver. Not only does the ice make the water more refreshing, but it also helps to keep it cold for longer, so employees sip on it for longer instead of dumping out a cup of lukewarm liquid. Quality office water services can provide a top-quality ice machine that helps ensure employees always have access to cold beverages throughout the day


7. Make Hydration Fun

It’s important to make sure your office water is fun and inviting. Place signs around the office to remind employees to stay hydrated and consider adding a few decorations around the water cooler. This will help make drinking water more enjoyable for everyone in the office.

Quench Your Thirst for Quality Office Water Services

When it comes to office water in Denver, quality is key. Investing in a good quality office beverage service can make all the difference when it comes to providing employees with safe and clean drinking water. At Redcup Beverage Service, we provide top-notch water and ice services to help businesses keep their teams hydrated and healthy throughout the workday.

Contact us today to discuss our office water services and see how they can support your team.