6 Ways Office Water Service Helps You Get More Out Of Your Day

Monday, 11 June 2018 13:08

It is no surprise that hydration is an essential element in your overall well being. We've been told to drink plenty of water since we were kids, but how often do we hold ourselves accountable to do just that? When you're busy at work, it is easy to push away those inklings of thirst until an entire day has gone by with barely a sip of water. Even mild dehydration can decrease your ability to get your work done, so office water service might just be the answer to getting more out of your work day.

So how can something as simple as H2O help you be more productive? Let us tell you.

Dehydration Impacts Your Mood

A study done with twenty-five, healthy, young women showed that even mild dehydration had a negative impact on mood. Not only did dehydration cause the participants to experience a degraded overall mood, but there was also an increase perception of task difficulty and lowered concentration capabilities in the subjects.

Sufficient Water Intake Can Prevent Headaches

Two medical students postulated the idea that headaches can be caused by water deprivation, an idea that was further studied and found to be correct. In the study, participants experienced complete relief from their headaches within just 30 minutes of drinking water. Kate Geagon, RD, recommends drinking two to four cups of water for headache relief, but notes that continued hydration throughout the day, which is made easy with office water service, can help prevent headaches altogether.

Water Keeps You Energized And Alert

Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. When you're tired, your work ethic, attention span, memory, and motor skills are all impaired. Re-hydrating through office water service or a personal water bottle can help you zap any sleepiness you may be feeling and improve your focus at work.

Dehydration Keeps You From Thinking Clearly

Reduced water intake or dehydration has been shown to shrink brain tissue, requiring more brain metabolic resources to execute tasks than necessary when the body is hydrated. This can explain the decrease in cognitive ability that is found in some studies, as well as the increased perceived effort in executing tasks that is linked to dehydration.

Water Can Help Prevent Illness

A study executed during cold and flu season showed that gargling water helped to prevent upper respiratory infections. Nearly 400 participants of all ages were observed for 60 days, showing impressive reductions in the contraction of an upper respiratory infection. When water is readily available through office water service, employees are more likely to stay hydrated, as well as take extra precautions, such as gargling, to maintain their health.

Balanced Fluids Keep Your Body In Working Order

More than 60 percent of the human body is made of water. When your body is hydrated, it keeps all of your internal fluids balanced and allows the body to function properly. Water influences every aspect of your body and helps in the process of transporting nutrients, digestion, regulating temperature, and more.

How Office Water Service Can Help Hydrate Your Staff

When your employees are hydrated, they reap all of these benefits, which ultimately leads to more productive work days, fewer sick days, and improved outlook on work and life. With office water service, you can have cold and hot, filtered water readily available in your office. Redcup is partnered with Waterlogic to provide a low maintenance, high-quality water system that is ideal for any office setting.

If you're interested in bringing office water service into your office and helping your employees stay hydrated, healthy, and happy, contact redcup today!

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